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Valeri L. Reaves, The Facilitator

The Facilitator works with individuals in the fashion and entertainment industry to aid in the understanding of their common objectives, assists them to plan and achieve said objectives, without interjection of personal bias, yet provides best practices, tools, resources and connects.  When services requested, will audit organizational and operational systems to assist in achieving a consensus of adjustments required to bring about positive results regarding organizational/operational output and promote longevity of the brand, along with that of the fashion and entertainment industry.

Valeri L. Reaves, Lead Brand Manager, Founder and Head Designer of the MyMeApparel enterprise (a Ready-to-Wear Fashion House), editor of MyMeApparel Fashion News blog, Atlanta Fashion Examiner columnist, Atlanta Entertainment Examiner columnist, AXS contributing writer and editor of the MyMeApparel Fashion News blog. She is the founder of the MyMeApparel Networking Group, an international connects of over 4,000 people dedicated to the fashion and entertainment industry. As host and participant of various fashion and entertainment industry events annually throughout the U.S., Valeri serves as designer, wardrobe stylist, mentor, booker, branding service and industry connect. Valeri provides tips, tricks and tools of the trade, as well as international event promotions. She has been featured in various videos, radio, television, magazines and blogs.




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