Past Life Answers (www.pastlifeanswers.com) was created in response to the huge surge in public interest in past life regression over the last several years. With so much unfiltered and underqualified information available, founder Matt Winfree believed that the public would benefit from a site that offers an extensive database of objective information and a forum for productive, informed discussion on this phenomenon, and provides simple, affordable tools for both the curious layman and the experienced practitioner to explore the process of past life regression hypnosis and determine its validity for him/herself.

Past Life Answers offers a series of four progressive hypnotherapy 'sessions,' available for purchase and download in the popular mp3 file format at www.pastlifeanswers.com. These sessions guide listeners through a safe hypnotic induction process into a very relaxed and peaceful state. As the sessions progress, listeners are eventually invited to access their subconscious memories in an attempt to recall experiences from previous lives they may have led, and to eventually explore the fascinating architecture of the potential 'spirit world' we inhabit in between each of our incarnations.

Past Life Answers hopes to increase public awareness of and interest in past life regression, reincarnation, and the safe and effective process of hypnosis as a means of healing and spiritual exploration. Past Life Answers does not attempt to subjectively influence its customers, either through false information or leading suggestions during hypnosis sessions, at any time. The material that Past Life Answers offers online has been carefully produced and consistently well-reviewed, and all downloadable sessions are backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

We invite you to begin or continue your journey into the fascinating world of past lives with Past Life Answers. What you discover may push the very limits of your imagination.