PatentYogi was founded by a group of IP professionals and patent attorneys who felt that more needed to be done to support the small inventor, small and medium businesses and Universities when it comes to patenting.

Many Multinationals have for years been sourcing patent work globally and also been using a low overhead network of highly skilled patent attorneys. By optimising supply chain management processes to the patenting drafting work they have been able to file thousands of patent applications at much lower cost per application than what the single inventor, SME or University has been able to do.

One way of describing it is that PatentYogi allows for a crowd sourcing model of accessing highly skilled patent attorneys and uses the Internet to achieve the reach and market penetration to offer quality patent drafting at competitive price points to the masses.


We all know that innovation happens all around us every day. If you are not protecting your invention with a registered patent the risk of someone steeling your idea is much greater and it becomes very difficult to prove that it was your idea to start with.

Similarly having a registered patent right allows you to license, sell or defend it by preventing others from doing the same thing.

Working process

PatentYogi allows you to submit your invention disclosure on-line over a secure Internet connection.  It is always recommended to have an extensive description of 5-10 pages on what your invention is, why it is better than what is done today and what different features make it so special. Also having a few diagrams or figures is highly recommended.

A patent attorney in the PatentYogi network will then review it and either start drafting a patent application or revert back to you for clarification on any uncertainties.

Writing patent applications is a highly skilled art where it takes many years to become experienced enough to write a quality patent that protects your invention and ideally similar or developments of your invention as well.

At PatentYogi we will always make sure that one of our patent attorneys (European Patent Attorney, UK Patent Attorney, US Patent Attorney, US Patent Agent) quality controls the work that is done by our network of patent attorneys.

After the finished patent application is delivered to you there is the option of one of the PatentYogi network IP Firms filing the patent application at a special PatentYogi rate with the UK IPO, EPO, USTPO, IP Australia or IP India.

It is worth remembering that there will be additional costs for filing and prosecuting a patent application before it becomes granted. In some countries it is possible to get a granted patent in as little as about a year and a half while in other countries it often takes more than 3 years.