Pathfinder’s goal is to put therapy practices and special education programs on the path to success. Whether it’s improved outcomes, increased revenues or employee retention, Pathfinder has the tools to help find the path to a successful therapy practice. Building a successful therapy practice can be both challenging and rewarding. Pathfinder Health Innovations is here to partner with clincis to help them find their path. We want to make sure they achieve success, help as many patients as possible, and get paid for doing it. Pathfinder can be used by PTs, OTs, SLPs and anyone that needs to collect outcomes data throughout the day. Pathfinder’s Smart Scheduler provides therapy teams an easy way to schedule and notify therapists where they need to be and what they need to do for the day. Data collected at the point of care is easily aggregated and processed on progress reports required for insurance and Medicaid reimbursement.