We are Outdoors people and when we relax, we like to be…well, Outdoors. That’s how we ended up here. To make a long story short, we tried other Patio covers, Patio Awnings and all kinds of Deck Covers, but none of them worked well and most were poorly made.

We decided to fix that with our own Design and Manufacturing process…we spent 2 years with a group of Mechanical Engineers and one of the Premier Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturers in the United States designing and developing the only 100% Extruded Aluminium Louvered Roofs in the world!

Take a look at owning a new Louvered Patio Cover and see how it can benefit you.
Beautify your home with a Patio Roof or Deck Cover that can be opened to allow 98% of the full sun, or adjust it to your desired level of shade, or close it to enjoy your deck or patio on a rainy day.