The Business Lawyers to Call in a Crisis

The Patterson Law Firm, LLC is dedicated to helping businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs properly handle business lawsuits while facilitating effective business practices. With our top four lawyers having more than 99 years of combined trial experience, we protect your rights and your business interests.

The American Bar Association published our book on emergency business litigation in 2009. In addition to preparing and trying business lawsuits, our firm mediates and arbitrates business disputes, provides counsel on how to avoid lawsuits and educates other lawyers about preliminary injunctions. We keep practitioners and businesses current with our blog emergencybusinesslitigation.com.

It is our mission to provide effective, efficient and ethical representation for clients to win business lawsuits through research, persuasive writing, creative investigation, professionalism and integrity. We work with businesses of all sizes and are committed to fostering a sound attorney/client relationship founded on mutual honesty, trust and teamwork.

Our main competitive advantage has always been our people. The eight lawyers that comprise our firm have unique backgrounds and unparalleled qualifications to achieve the best business results for clients.