Paula Renaye is a tough love expert, life and relationship coach and author of the multi-award-winning personal development guide, The Hardline Self Help Handbook.

A consultant for 18 years, Paula has a degree in Financial Planning with additional journalism, education, psychology and healing arts studies and certifications, including regression hypnosis and energetic healing. She is a frequent “self tough love” expert on talk radio shows and her television appearances include CSPAN’s BookTV. She writes regular columns for relationship sites, international online magazines, personal development ezines and blogs.

Paula shares social-media-ready sayings along with self-improvement tips and "Hardline How-tos" in her latest publication, Tweet-able Tough Love Quotes. She turns her cut-to-the-chase, no-nonsense laser focus on relationships in the 2012 release, Living and Loving on Purpose--The "I Don't" Model for Relationship Bliss.