It is our mission to bring together all elements of the liberty movement to unite for three days, in celebration and in honor of the founder of the Ron Paul R3VOLUTION.  It is our hope this Festival will connect the grassroots and help pave the way for advancing our principles, which are rooted in Freedom, Peace and Prosperity.

Now, in the spirit of the R3VOLUTION March in 2008 in DC,  several members of the original team of organizers have reunited with other proven grassroots activists in creating another hallmark "Paul Event" - an event which is sure to mark the beginning of a new era in the freedom movement.

In the words of Dr. Paul:

"...if you ever can bring about revolutionary changes, two things would be required:  young people would have to be involved and you have to have music."

With Dr. Paul's growing support among celebrities and musicians, it is our hope to accommodate that change through a momentous 3-day Festival which will include many of Dr. Paul's  celebrity-supporters.

It is our belief that this will be the biggest celebration of Liberty the world has ever seen - a tribute to Ron Paul and  the message of freedom.  Be a part of history!