In my lifetime I have had many challenging experiences. Some were tough and almost overwhelming. I’ve seen many face the same challenges and give up, on themselves and on life.

Like many people… I followed every direction the latest guru would take me. From some I learned great things – from others I found dead ends.

I decided some time ago to take a different path. A path less followed, and where many are lost along the way.

More recently, two people came into my life…

Annette Duveroth, my wonderful, loving partner and twin flame, who I love to co-create with at our Nature O’ Wisdom site

The other is award winning author and spiritual master, John Harricharan.

Through them I have gradually learned that the only place real answers to the biggest questions and challenges we face in life come from within. I also believe that the time has come when we should follow our hearts more than we follow our heads. It’s within our hearts that the real power lies.

Though I still consider myself to be a work in progress, I have learned many things that I believe can help others to find their own path and true life purpose.

I can do this through a number of methods including:

   Writing inspirational articles, reviews and books that inspire and motivate.
   Speaking engagements both live and through webinars and talk shows.
   Teaching others how to use concepts in The PowerPause
   Sharing personal  experiences for the good of others.
   Leading by example, even in the toughest of times and circumstances.

My ultimate aim, is to share this knowledge with anyone who is willing to listen with an open mind.

On a personal level, I want that which most people seek but rarely find…

- To leave a legacy for others, not to follow, but to take to another level of understanding as we evolve in our human capacity.