www.paydirt4goldpannng.com was created by Arizona placer gold miners who wanted to bring the excitement of mining for natural gold nuggets into the homes of anybody who would like to experience panning for gold.  The pay dirt or gravel with a high concentration of gold and other precious metals naturally contains gold andcomes from claims within Arizona and California. It is mined from areas that are proven and currently producing gold in sufficient quantities.  The pay dirt is offered at fair pricing and tested before being packaged to guarantee the presence of gold in each package sent off.  The gold bearing pay dirt is offered raw unprocessed from the ground to packaging as well as concentrated varieties that have had much of the unwanted lighter dirt and gravels washed away or removed leaving more gold in a smaller amount of dirt.  The pay dirt is easily panned by anyone to collect the gold hidden within.  This gives anyone a fun way to build a real gold nugget collection, invest in gold while having fun, while finding one of natures beautiful creations that only becomes rarer by the day in it's natural not melted down and refined state.  Most gold found from these regions is of a higher purity than most Alaskan gold as well, averaging about 90-98% pure.