Empower your life, career & business with this free portal of goodness - whilst also contributing to a better world!

www.ThePayItForwardAcademy.com is a brand new portal of goodness packed with world experts sharing their top tips.

It is provided free of charge as a social service to help add massive value to user's lives, with the aim to help educate, empower & evolve.

The platform cuts through the barrage of online noise & distraction to provide a single portal where users can enjoy direct access to a carefully curated library of content from respected leaders & experts in the interconnected areas of life which impact us all.

Topics covered include mindset, relationships, parenting, business & marketing, financial literacy, workplace skills and health & vitality.

The way the platform works is collaboratively. Anyone can access the content for free, with the ethical agreement being to simply pay the platform forward (to share it) so that whilst personally benefitting we also collectively contribute to other people’s lives & a happier, more just & evolved world. It’s a win for everyone!

The platform is ideal for those who want to discover expert content, improve their life (& career) and save both time (searching) & money (paying for training).

It’s also a huge benefit for business owners & anyone in employment with a specially dedicated 'workplace quickstart' page (http://bit.ly/workplacequickstart). This page alone will save businesses 1000’s on training as it provides expert content covering common workplace topics including time management, how to manage & lead people, negotiation & communication skills, habit forming, sales & marketing, confidence & motivation, inspiration & motivation.

The platform also provides a valuable social service for communities & institutions.

Collectively we can all learn, grow & evolve whilst sharing & making a positive difference, which we believe in today’s world, we could definitely do with. The secret to living is giving!

Although only just launching, from a single Facebook post it has been featured on the BBC & has reached 60 countries. There is a spinning globe on the side of each post which shows in real time the impact we have by paying it forward. Each user being denoted with a red dot!

Access is immediate and free via www.thepayitforwardacademy.com