PCFixes.com is the leader in computing support and advice, providing a unique "live" interface to talk directly with community contributors.

Online for over 20 years, it was purchased in 2017 by a consortium who turned it into one of the most prolific PC communities in the world - building an innovative system to help connect people directly to community contributors. After the success of the likes of StackOverflow and other Q/A websites, the creators of PCFixes.com focused on integrating a similar experience except focusing on the contributor rather than the question.

In 6 months, the community was bolstered by the introduction of BUILD events, where the software developer creators of the new experience held small events in Italy to help young people explore the realms of technology.

These events introduced the likes of Arduino development with web-based application design, helping the attendees create small games and generally improving their programming knowledge - skills applicable in the modern corporate world.