We specialise in providing market information and analysis to manufacturers and purchasers of speciality and oriented plastic films, such as PET, OPP, OPA, other polymer substrates, special papers and aluminium foil.

We focus exclusively on FLEXIBLE substrate materials, processes, formats and end-uses. This sets us apart from other information providers and means we are able to provide greater accuracy and deeper insights into specific issues concerning the supply and use of these materials. In fact, other consultants come to us for information in our specialist areas.

We serve an extensive global client base (in fact 75% of our sales are to non- UK clients) with product and market sector reports covering most regions of the world, as well as bespoke consultancy services. These services have become essential business-planning and competitor-monitoring tools for companies involved at all levels and all sectors of the flexible packaging supply chain.

We produce five quarterly business reports, each available on an annual subscription basis, in either printed or electronic format .

Our Quarterly Business Reports provide a comprehensive market overview; analysing current market trends and reporting on market players and end use markets. They keep subscribers informed about short-term and long-term market developments.