At Home Veterinary Services (AHVS) is a mobile veterinary practice for dogs and cats serving the Portland, Oregon area.

Providing the highest possible quality of life for dogs and cats through all of their life stages -- especially during their later years or when they are battling a chronic or terminal disease -- is the passion and focus of our practice.

We offer a personal, cooperative style of patient care, with a high level of communication between our staff and our clients.   Instead of 10 to 20 minutes of face to face time with the veterinarian in a small room, we provide a veterinarian and a technician dedicated to you for 40 minutes or more in the familiar and comfortable surroundings of your home.

We strive to provide quality of life and comfort for cats and dogs who are dealing with age related health issues and/or disease, such as cancer, kidney disease, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, arthritis, chronic pain, and many other difficult to manage conditions.

We can also assist you when you aren't sure if there may be other options to help improve you pet's quality of life, or it if is time to consider euthanasia.  If it is time to say good-bye to your companion, we offer compassionate in-home euthanasia.

Our primary areas of service are: Examinations for Sick or Well Pets, Quality of Life Assessments, Hospice Care for Pets, and Compassionate In Home Euthanasia.