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PEA Builders, which stands for Progressive Environmental Alternatives, has more experience building the most energy efficient homes in the Midwest. No other builder can come close to the performance levels we achieve with our standard features.

Every home we build uses Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), super insulated foundation walls and basement floors, passive solar design which is maximized with the use of High R-value windows and a mixture of High Solar Heat Gain and Low Solar Heat Gain windows depending on exposure. Every home is built solar ready for easy future hook up.

We offer geothermal heating and cooling, solar photovoltaic panels and many other great options.

If you're looking for a beautiful home with quality designs and one that will have energy bills so low that you'll be the envy of the entire neighborhood, then visit our website or give us a call. We would like you to join our growing family of customers.

(262) 501-5001  www.peabuilders.com