Peace Academy Costa Rica (PACR) is a unique private schooling program for students and families who are searching for an alternative education that expands beyond the conventional academic structure.  Our academy provides a flexible, individualized, and self-directed approach to education, coupled with an emphasis on developing leadership skills through internships and community projects as ambassadors of peace and diversity.

The team at Peace Academy (PACR) shares a profound belief that focusing on each student as a separate, unique individual leads to much more academic and social growth, and gives students the ability to truly spread their wings.  For this reason PACR abides by a low student to teacher ratio, using a holistic approach that nurtures self-discovery and empowers youth to create change within themselves and their community.

PACR embraces innovative learning styles and schedules.  Education can be incorporated easily into any lifestyle – and PACR prides itself on bringing the flexibility and passion for learning that is needed to do just that!

Often our students pursue priorities such as internships, competitive sport, educational travel and so on.  When students are not able to abide by our program schedule (Monday to Thursday 9:00 – 1:00 for core academics and 1:30 – 3:30 for elective activities, Fridays for additional support), they will have the full support of their teacher(s) upon their return, but also have the option of remote support if they wish to keep up with their studies while carrying out their other commitments. In addition PACR offers on line courses and an online schooling option for those students who require even more flexibility.

Our program year runs from September to June inclusive.   For more flexibility students can choose the online schooling or distant learning options.Students can also choose the virtual high school option for even more flexibility.