Pearl Escapes is dedicated to helping people find their perfect escape, by budget, need or location, whether it's a spa hotel weekend or relaxation technique.  Every single escape; spa, hotel, massage or treatment is tried and reviewed by Pearl personally.  Pearl found many escapes after she donated a kidney to her brother, when she needed all the healing she could get.  The site includes personal advice on renal transplants.

The site already covers spa and hotel breaks in Barcelona, Spain, Zadar, Croatia, Bath and London in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and will soon be adding breaks in Yangshuo, Shanghai, Huangshan and Beijing in China.

As well as the more exotic escapes, Pearl Escapes also covers beauty products, books, films, recipes and even free escapes, such as meditation or places in the UK that offer free entry, in the hope that everyone can find a perfect escape on the site whatever their current circumstances.

Pearl Escapes also gives advice on visiting spas, from what to wear (or not to wear as the case may be), to avoiding dehydration or other unpleasant side effects of overdoing it.  The site also offer general advice on visiting each area, to help users to choose the most appropriate escape for them.