Currently the IPS has 1,608 individual, corporate, student, institutional and NGO members from 33 countries. This includes 16 National Committees and three Commissions plus numerous Expert Groups with different activities related to peat and peatlands, mires, bogs, fens and tropical peat swamp forest. You are welcome to join!


To be the leading international organisation promoting the responsible management and wise use of peatlands and peat.


To serve all those involved in peatlands and peat through the promotion, gathering, exchange and communication of knowledge and experience, by means of events and projects which address key issues, including climate change, biodiversity, the need for responsible use and restoration.


The IPS was constituted in 1968 in Quebec, Canada.

Today, the IPS is registered as NGO in Finland where the IPS Secretariat also is located. Currently the IPS has 1578 individual, corporate, student and institutional members from 31 countries (March 2022).

What we do

To achieve its goals, the IPS via its Commissions and National Committees regularly organises conferences, symposia and workshops and publishes research results from science and industry.

In general, IPS serves as a forum to get and to keep experts from different fields of business, science, culture and regulatory bodies – all dealing with peat and peatlands – in touch with each other.