PEBBLES PILATES was founded by Helena-Alexandra with the vision to create high end and long lasting Pilates sportswear with a classic twist and functional fit for the female body in movement. Pebbles’ signature Pilates clothes show off the back as a celebration to the spine which plays an important role in Pilates and body movement.

PEBBLES PILATES gives you the latest trends in Pilates sportswear and was developed based on the idea to offer sportswear in which you look smashing without having sportswear that you need to drag into place. The clothes are usual found in a classic black color together with a blue contrast color and plays with different patterns. The soft material has a slight hug-feel against the body. All the details are made to be follow-some to the movement of the body and your unique female curves, so that you can stay fully present in your workout.

All the PEBBLES PILATES sportswear have been tested by Pilates instructors empowered by Pilates, with the ambition to let each woman look fabulous while being able to focus one hundred percent on being present in the Pilates workout. At PEBBLES PILATES you can read interviews with Pilates instructors and studio owners around the world and get inspiration to you Pilates workout.