WE HAVE TRULY DEVELOPED AN AMAZING AND INNOVATIVE PRODUCT, IT WILL SAVE YOU MONEY, TIME AND WORK! TIME by working as little as one minute per foot! MONEY by not having to replace anything like the current products out there. (Nor do you need batteries to operate these gloves).  Did you see how fast the PediPalms annihilated the callous from the toe in the video? Like 5 seconds fast.
How long do these gloves last? So far... our original prototype from over a year ago still works great.

Each finger of the PediPalm glove is built for precision, made to get into the smallest of cracks. This allows you to buff dry spots out with ease and minimal effort. You apply the pressure and let PediPalms do the rest. Unlike other products you see on TV, our product was developed with one thing in mind: to outlast, work better and be more efficient than anything on the market.

PediPalms are designed to remove dry dead skin of any kind or rust from paint or sand down wood or buff and shine a unicorn horn. The uses for this sanding glove are as endless as your imagination.