peercisely is a new cloud-based service that fixes how companies recruit new talent by marrying the most effective method of recruiting - personal referrals - with the most powerful source of knowledge and insights, the social network.


Finding that perfect hire is tough and can get extremely expensive. Stop cutting hefty checks for pricey recruiting services and wasting internal resources to rummage through stacks of resumes and applications.

Why not let those closest to the talent help find the best candidates for the job? We think money and time is better spent spoiling employees with perks and development opportunities, don't you?


What if you could actually help your peers land their dream jobs? With peercisely, you can make this happen as a referrer (likewise, you can be the one that is referred by your peers). Now you’re in control, connecting the right people with the right job. And if that isn’t reward enough, you earn money for charities and even cash bonuses for yourself.

Oh, and you'll be competing against everyone else for a piece of the monthly charity pie, so it pays to refer wisely.


Why should runners have all the fun raising money for a good cause? We feel charities deserve as much visibility and funds as possible to make the planet a better place for all creatures.

Employers boost their jobs with hearts (tax-deductible donations to peercisely united) creating an uncapped pool for charity distribution. How much each charity gets depends on the quantity of peercisely referrers supporting their cause, and the quality of their referrals.