Pegasus Business Corporation is an innovative direct marketing, customer acquisition and public relations company based in Brighton, UK.

We were founded to meet the growing demand for a low risk, efficient and cost effective solution towards marketing. We saw a gap in the market and decided to seize and exploit the opportunity.
Our unique approach within this industry caters towards start up companies penetrating the market, and to established businesses who simply want to expand their brands’ awareness and grow their customer base whilst utilizing advanced startegies and solutions.

Our goal is not only to help you win new business, influence a tough crowd, or be on the cutting edge, but also to establish sustainability and a lasting relationship with your customers.

We provide clients with a comprehensive range of services, which are all individually tailored to meet the needs of our clients. The speed of our response, our personal attention, our dedication and our creative solutions are far superior to that of a larger organisation
The mission of Pegasus Business Corporation is to strive towards success with everything that we do, by having the confidence in ourselves and the strategies we create, to achieve our goals and targets. We remain positive even in the hardest and most challenging situations that we face and we understand that to achieve great things takes a great amount of effort and dedication.

We aim to help companies conduct successful marketing campaigns reaching responsive customers, using the power of direct, face to face marketing. We believe that through superior strategies, unmatched customer service and a positive mental attitude, we participate and aid in the growth of our clients' businesses and help them ensure the satisfaction of their customers.

We strive towards an unwavering commitment to client success to help build revenue streams, consumer confidence, unmatched relationships, long-term trust and loyalty.