Pendulaura Fine Art is an online gallery, based out of Denver, Colorado, that is born from a girl's lifelong love of art and a true passion of working with the artists that create it. A former gallery director , curator, and sales manager of two fine art photography galleries in Colorado, the founder of Pendulaura taps into years of experience in the corporate world and art industry which enables her and her team to provide stellar representation for artists and comprehensive assistance to buyers and art collectors.


The international art market is constantly changing, so we're here to provide you some insight into a very fluid & exciting world. Whether you are a seasoned art collector, or simply getting your feet wet we are here to make the process of exploring and buying art for your home or office seamless and enjoyable.


The Collection is the driving force behind Pendulaura.com and features the works of a select group of artists from around the world representing diverse mediums including photography, mixed media, handmade furniture, painting, and modern installations. While all the works featured in this gallery are for sale, some are commission only. Please inquire with the gallery for further details.