At Common Cents, we are on a mission to create innovative solutions and programs that foster children to learn to love themselves, love others and love learning.

We envision making school during a child’s compulsory first decade so compelling, indispensable and enjoyable an experience that all our children would willingly sign up for another ten years.

Since the inception of the Penny Harvest in 1991, participating students have collected $10 million in pennies, awarded 23,870 grants and volunteered more than 45 million service hours to support causes for children, the environment, healthcare, human rights, the elderly and disaster relief.

Today, nearly 1,000 schools in broadly reaching areas such as New York, California, Ohio, Colorado and Washington participate in the Penny Harvest.

Simply put, our mission is to raise a new generation of informed, capable and caring young citizens by turning pennies into dollars and dollars into deeds.

To learn more about Common Cents and The Penny Harvest, please visit www.CommonCents.org.