PepperStack Pty Ltd was established to create a new series of smart-phone integrated cloud-computing services to social and business communities.

The company aims to become a market leader in enabling the rapid development of dynamic server configurable smart-phone applications using a recently acquired technology platform developed by Signal Processing Know-how PTy Ltd.

By using this technology platform and it’s property rights, PepperStack Pty Ltd aims to revolutionise smart business application development services and cater for the needs of the niche market of major commercial clients.

PepperStack Pty Ltd is targeting the Digital Ecosystems market.  The vision is to be the leader in bringing harmony to the global community using smarter technologies.  This will be achieved by offering the most competitive pricing matched with the very highest standard of professional services. In addition to this will be the release of a completely unique portfolio of products supported by an extensive business development campaign to ensure that community expectation and levels of satisfaction are met.