About Peppy Pals
Peppy Pals is the leading company within playful and digital experiences for children’s lifelong social and emotional learning (EQ/SEL). The company’s award-winning language free apps, books, movies, toys and activities are intended for children ages 2-9 years old and has proven effective for both homes and schools world-wide. Through fun and visual stories relatable for children, Peppy Pals has developed a unique way to spark conversations between children and grown-ups regarding important social and emotional abilities such as empathy, feelings, self-esteem, and problem solving.

In the world of Peppy Pals, children get to know five gender neutral animal characters. Just like in real life, each of the characters have their own unique personality, strengths and preferences that children can relate to depending on their own personality. Together, they learn to solve problems, cooperate and most importantly, learn how to see things from different perspectives.

Peppy Pals, together with engaged educators and counsellors, is teaching children about their feelings and what they mean, building self-esteem, empathy and humanity. Peppy Pals’ areas of learning and development includes:

·       Recognising, understanding and managing you own and others’ feelings.
·       Acknowledge and respect each other.
·       How to label emotions.
·       How to open up and talk about feelings.
·       Take responsibility for your own actions and their consequences.
·       To communicate clearly, listen actively and collaborate effectively with others.
·       Appreciate differences in and empathize with other individuals.
·       To manage and resolve conflict.