In addition to the modern peqSTAR thermocycler range for classic PCR and the SmartCycler® for real time PCR we offer an extensive collection of enzymes and reagents for the amplification of nucleic acids.

RNA/DNA isolation
A comprehensive range of over 40 peqGOLD kit systems allows the extraction of RNA and DNA from samples of virtually any number, size and source.

With a wide selection of horizontal and vertical electrophoresis systems and semi-dry and wet electro blotting sets, our PerfectBlue® product line is designed to meet your experimental requirements and setups.

Bio Imaging Systems/Gel Documentation
The PEQLAB imaging portfolio offers a high performing set of systems designed to match laboratory budgets and imaging requirements.

Laboratory Instruments
The NanoDrop® spectrophotometers enable highly accurate analysis of only 1 µl of your sample. For fast, effective and reproducible homogenization of a wide range of samples we recommend the Precellys® 24 and the PerfectSpin Microcentrifuges combine perfect performance and convenience with low operating noise and temperature.

Cell Culture
Bypass manual haemocytometer counts with the automated Cellometer™ cell counter, which provides cell analysis in around 30 seconds  and fluorescent detection for GFP transfection assays and primary cell counting including hepatocytes and adipocytes. For in vitro and in vivo gene expression, RNA interference and protein, antibody and peptide delivery we offer the Polyplus transfection reagents.

Further products for Molecular Biology

   * DNA, RNA and Protein Markers
   * Microarray Slides
   * Plastic Consumables and Racks