Hublot King Power Knockout World Boxing Council Watch


Boxing seems to be the sport flavor of choice for many watch brands in 2012. You know it is serious when Hublot gets into the game. Their focus now is on a limited edition set for the World Boxing Council (WBC). The game Hublot is playing is pretty interesting actually. Hublot will produce 12 unique King Power "Knockout" WBC watches. As I understand it, each will look unique and be associated with one of 12 "legendary" boxers.
Each of the watches will be auctioned off for charity, and the winners will get the watches presented to them by the boxers themselves. It would be more fun if it also included a few round in the ring with them. Tyson is on the list!

The 12 legendary fighters associated with the Hublot limited edition boxing watch are as follows:
Lennox Lewis
Julio Cesar Chavez
Mike Tyson
Sugar Ray Leonard
George Foreman
Marvelous Marvin Hagler
Tommy Harns
Roberto Duran
Oscar de la Hoya
Evander Holyfield
Jeff Fenech
Larry Holmes

The King Power chronograph based watch is unique for NOT having a skeletonized dial. It is 48mm wide in 18k King gold. Clearly the green and gold tones are meant to match the WBC belt that is given to the best fighters. On the rear of the watch is a graphic that looks like the front of the noteworthy belt. The auction for the Hublot Knockout WBC watches will be in Las Vegas in September 2012.