PERFECT LIFE is a high-end DESTINATION CLUB company that will earn a reputation for integrity, quality, service and excellence in management.

PERFECT LIFE is a forward-looking new company intent on bucking the current trend of large yacht ownership and charter markets.

PERFECT LIFE is a exclusive membership with equity ownership of a165’(50.3m) Mega-Yacht/MotherShip built for extreme exploring. This company has fashioned an idea that is rivaled by none other. The human spirit is something that has no limits, and when given the opportunity, it can reach unimaginable heights.

PERFECT LIFE provides extreme vacations for those who live a life of luxury. Many extreme vacation opportunities are rugged and uncomfortable. Our concept is to bring the best of all worlds into one extreme luxurious concept.

PERFECT LIFE offers her member owners the ultimate in self-sufficient world exploration together with sophisticated and comfortable accommodations.

PERFECT LIFE provides the freedom and flexibility to explore our global vast and beautiful waterways in unprecedented luxury. PERFECT LIFE, an expedition vessel. By its very nature this vessel is inevitably powerful, rugged and fierce on the outside, opulent, stylish and refined on the inside. PERFECT LIFE provides unsurpassed luxury and comfort, and comes fully equipped with all of the amenities on a luxury mega-yacht.

The diversity and flexibility of this program will keep all of its members interested and excited for decades to come. PERFECT LIFE will set a new standard for the Mega-Yacht industry.

Our vision to create a Membership program is a perfect way to enter the exciting world of yachting without the fear of financial exposure associated with a yacht purchase.

Purchasing a membership for the yacht is a safe investment because,
• investment is low • annual expenses are minimal • resale easy

The program offers an exclusive opportunity to be part of a fully crewed Luxury Expedition Yacht for a fraction of the cost of building and owning a new yacht.

PERFECT LIFE was built in the USA and operated as an oilrig supply vessel for almost 20 years. In the mid 90's she was transformed by CMN in France into the ultimate fishing and expedition vessel formerly known as "French Look II" and "Holo Kai". The expansive aft deck easily accommodated the addition of a hydraulic launching system for the 41' G & S Custom Sport Fish that can be launched in approximately 20 minutes, ensuring you won't miss a moment of the action. The G & S is the holder of 12 world records!

No other game-fishing mother-ship has been home to more of the world's elite big-game fisherman, tacked on more hours and more miles while fishing the most coveted billfish spots on the planet than the 165’ (50.3m) Mother-ship PERFECT LIFE. With new ownership, and an extensive refit planned along with a newly refurbished 41’ G & S Custom Sports Fish called PERFECT DAY. The vessel will be ready and on the move again, with plans to participate at the 2013 Americas Cup in San Francisco and then fish her way south to Panama visiting all countries in between and more. The new owners will complete a major overhaul and refit of the Perfect Life, including a total engine room gut and rebuild, a new interior, a larger salon, galley and guest accommodations which are all VIP’s with ensuites, and the addition of a helipad and multiple tender configurations. PERFECT LIFE will then feature everything you'd expect in a long-range luxury motor yacht.

PERFECT LIFE is your home a way from home. The mothership carries a smaller 41’vessel aboard.This smaller vessel is launched and often operates independently of the larger vessel in order to accomplish tasks that the larger vessel is less suited to. The smaller vessel is carried, stored and often, fully serviced aboard. The history and concept of mother ships has been around for a long time. Mother ships are known for being the boat of choice for fishing & scuba diving remote areas like Central America, The Pacific, Bermuda, The Azores, Madeira and other exotic destinations. Simply off load in a remote destination and fish, then reload and go find a new hot spot...no marinas ... no restrictions ... no schedules! Just cruise, explore and fish.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments you may have, and I will respond promptly with any additional information you require.

Email: info@perfectlifeventures.com

Here is a video link: http://youtu.be/8Nr0Jceamws