Perfectpetfinder.com is an online matchmaking service dedicated to connecting people and rescue pets. Launched in 2010 and founded by Leslie Jaye, our mission is to increase adoptions of homeless dogs and cats by providing a convenient, low-cost way for animal lovers to find their favorite breed.

Visitors to http://www.perfectpetfinder.com create their Perfect Pet Profile, a simple questionnaire that explores the potential adopter’s pet preferences, home environment and lifestyle. Based on that information, we search the top-notch shelters and rescue groups for the most compatible pets and make our professional recommendations.

The partners and associates at perfectpetfinder.com have a passion for helping animals and people who love them. Through our website and Perfect Pet Blog, (http://blog.perfectpetfinder.com) we provide information about pet adoption and other animal-related subjects.

Perfectpetfinder.com can be contacted by phone at 1-888-443-5250, or by email at support@perfectpetfinder.com. For further details, please visit our website at http://www.perfectpetfinder.com.

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