Peripheral Manufacturing, Inc. is a 29 year old firm that specializes in an innovative Aerosol dry chemical fire suppression system which is both electrical and non electrical
that serves the computer and commercial industries. Aero-K is  GSA approved, environmentally friendly, non oxygen depleting, UL approved, NFPA 2010, aerosol technology. Applications are unlimited for computers, electrical cabinets, marine, buses, train engines, NC machines, wireless towers etc.. Aero-K has a ten year shelf life and one of the lowest maintenace systems on the market today. Aero-K can be expanded, reduced, and easily removed and reinstalled in a different location. Peripherals will provide a free budgetry quotation upon request. On-site consultation is avalable.

Peripherals manufactures and markets a full line of portable air conditioners for the computer, server, office, and commercial industry. Rental programs are available throughout the US. Periperals also has a medical portable air conditioner for critical applications. Portable air conditioners range from 10000 through 120000 BTU's.

A complete line of hard drive and magnetic tape media degaussers that are  magnetic and capacitive discharge are sold and rented by Peripherals. A line of erasers that allow reuse of hard drives is available for sale ond rental. Degaussers are table top, belt driven, and continuious duty for every requirement. All  models are on GSA schedule and some are NSA approved. All degaussers meet or exceed NIST-800-88 requirements.

Peripherals has a large selection of shredders that are on GSA schedule for CD/DVD, diskettes, credit cards, and paper. Some are NSA?CSS approved.

Server racks, stands, cabinets, and work benches round out the line of products available for data centers and server rooms. Single or multiple racks are available.

Data conversion and duplication is an ongoing business for Peripheral Manufacturing for single tape cartridges and drives through large seismic conversions to a multiude of CD/DVD's, hard drives , and magnetic computer tape.