RenterPerks has officially been launched in Orlando, Florida in 2014, an "Online Welcome Wagon" that's as simple as logging on and saving big. RenterPerks has reached out to apartment complexes and has given their tenants a way to familiarize themselves with their new area with free coupons to local businesses. From everything to gyms, salons, pet groomers, bars and restaurants, renters can now explore the town without breaking the bank. RenterPerks.com is a user friendly platform that enables new tenants to simply print out free coupons of their likings and take advantage of huge savings. It's doesn't end there, by the end of March 2014, RenterPerks will be launching a free Mobile App which will allow users to get coupons for those spontaneous outings.
>>>>> There is no other program that benefits renters like RenterPerks does, no more wasting money on new adventures or spending most of your night trying to figure out where to go. Every coupon is linked to the businesses' Website, Facebook, and Yelp allowing the user to find reviews, menus, and more information of businesses of interest. Literally a one stop shop to finding out about your new area. RenterPerks not only saves you money, but it single handedly gives you all the tools to feel comfortable while exploring your uncharted territory.
>>>>> If RenterPerks is not in your area yet, don't worry, RenterPerks plans to be in most major cities by the end of 2014, so stay tune, they'll be knocking on your new door soon.