With Perks Rewards, now small and multi-unit Canadian businesses have another option to build a custom customer loyalty program that suits there business economics and will allow those Canadian business to access a feature rich rewards service at a local store level. Some key features of Perks Rewards are:
•     Hosted customer information databases
•     Ability to target offers and customer communications to members
•     Professional top shelf reporting mechanism and backend interface to track offers, points and customer engagement
•     Multi terminal, multi store ready, custom tags, and custom while label options.
Customers basically register for a Perks Rewards Tag at a partaking local business. The rewards member can access their Perks rewards summary online on our website or online on our Mobile application that will soon be available for Blackberry, Android, and iPhone devices. Business’s that take part will have the ability to offer a diverse selection of Perks to their customers containing:  points to be exchanged for services or commodities or direct discounts. When Perks International Rewards expands from Atlantic Canada and added companies implement the Perks Rewards custom loyalty package, consumers will be able to use their current Perks Tag to collect reward points across this great nation of Perks locations.