Seventeen years of family caregiving serve as the foundation for our e-books (available at smashwords.com) and our blog at http://www.permanenthouseguestinfo.com. With 60 million family caregivers in America and more in English-speaking countries around the world, a critical shortage of helpful information exists.
As health care gets more expensive and health insurance gets less inclusive, more and more people are forced to take disabled relatives into their home as an alternative to nursing, assisted living or adult foster home care.
Our blog and e-books address issues from housekeeping for the wheelchair-mobile to end-of-life issues for elders who don't want to bankrupt their family with health care that postpones the inevitable.
The emotional, psychological, financial and spiritual issues facing family caregivers and their disabled loved ones are often specific to the caregiving demographic, but also offer coping skills and personal rewards useful in other areas of family and interpersonal life.
Our goal at Tiara Enterprises is to share what we know with the millions of people who need help coping with the overwhelming burden of improving the quality of life for a disabled loved one while protecting the quality of life for the host's nuclear family.