Engineer, Author and Longevity Expert Martin Ettington, of The Personal Longevity Inc. (www.personal-longevity.com), has created an information subscription service that takes the stress out of finding great information on health and wellness. The Personal Longevity Subscription Service  helps people integrate spirit, mind, body which most people don’t realize is important. The service is designed to provide invaluable guidance to people who want to have the best of life in good health, have time to accomplish life goals and dreams eventually and realization of purpose in life through best practices such as eating healthily, exercising, meditating and DIY yoga sessions.

Martin Ettington has researched the world investigating the lifestyles of people living in regions known for high populations of extremely long lived persons and knows that the subject of a long happy life creates excitement among both the young and the aged. He acknowledges the contributions of modern medicine in increasing human lifespan but also strongly believes in the value of the spirit, mind, and soul as key ingredients to personal happiness. Martin has already made a name for himself as an international author of 28 Longevity and Spirituality related books, including The 10 Principals of Personal Longevity.

The Personal Longevity Subscription Service  boasts the following features:

The Largest Repository of Longevity Articles
The personal Longevity Subscription Service has the world’s largest collections of longevity information. You will have access to over 880 articles with more coming every week.

Rich Content
Nothing is as interesting as reading an informative article. The articles open your horizon to a world that is constantly looking for immortality. Access latest longevity research posts, interview with famous longevity professionals, and stories of long lived persons. Get to meet and hear from super centenarians who share their views and secrets to long life from all over the world. Its information you won’t shy from quoting at any event or discourse because it supported by scientific evidence.

Sleek layout
Regardless of the device you use to read our articles, you will get the same superior readable articles. Font size, color and type have been carefully selected to make reading easy and fun. Every blog page features 15 full articles. No clicking to expand or read on a new page.

Never worry about finding an article again. With the archive feature of the blog, you will access old posts from as early as 2012. A simple keyword based search feature gives you the articles you need with as much precision as possible. If that’s not enough, then scroll the article categories or month.

The community section of the Personal Longevity Subscription Service not only has discussions on topics related to aging but also abounds other expert from various health and wellness fields giving it an interdisciplinary feel and appeal. By contributing, the various members have access to a pool of more information that wasn’t provided by the admin.

To join The Personal Longevity Subscription Service, follow this link:

Meet Martin Ettington – Engineer, and Longevity Expert!

Martin is an engineer, researcher, had many spiritual experiences, and is passionate about long term health and longevity. He has written 28 EBooks/Books on Wellness, Spirituality, Longevity, and is the creator of the new profession of Longevity Coaching.

He Designed the Longevity Subscription Membership site to help large numbers of people to implement the 10 Principles of Personal Longevity in their lives–very cost effectively. 

Martin Ettington

Personal Longevity Inc
Email: marty@personal-longevity.com

SOURCE Personal Longevity Inc

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