At Personal Comfort® Bed we believe that in today's world you should be able to customize your comfort individually. The personalization you find in the Personal Comfort® Bed exceeds that of other adjustable air beds offered today. As the exception in the industry, we develop adjustable mattresses with the latest features and benefits other manufactures cannot offer. Due to patent and patent pending technology found in our mattresses you will not find the specific features and benefits we offer anywhere else.

Our Personal Comfort® Bed sleep specialists are dedicated to adjusting your sleep experience by improving the way you sleep. Our many years of developing the best possible mattress has given us the confidence to offer industry leading  Limited Lifetime Warranty. We have been manufacturing high quality mattresses since 1973.FDA-certified-logo

In 1995, we became the only adjustable firmness consumer air mattress available that is manufactured in our FDA registered manufacturing facility. We have set the benchmark of the mattress industry and ultimately developed the last sleep system you will ever need. Our U.S.A. based manufacturing facility continues to develop innovative sleep products; everything from mattresses to bedding accessories designed to help give you the best night’s sleep.

Although we may not be the least expensive solution, we believe we are by far the best solution and the best value for all your sleep needs. Lets face it, a mattress that is expertly constructed with the highest quality materials isn't going to be the cheapest bed available. In the decision making process of selecting your next mattress your decision should be decided on the comfort, the support, the durability of the product rather than on price alone.

personal-comfort-bed-warehouse-ext.jpgWith Personal Comfort® Bed you can take advantage of factory direct pricing that is available to the public through our website. Retail centers offer the products found on this site at 35% markups! Take advantage of our factory direct pricing by not only receiving fast free delivery but receive no additional sales tax for your order along with a pair of free pillows as our free gift to you.

Please take your time to look at the features and benefits that Personal Comfort® Bed provides you to truly help you sleep better, then compare ours to other mattresses on the market and you will see the true value of a Personal Comfort® Bed. You only select a mattress every so often, wouldn't it be nice to treat yourself to a special mattress that can adjust however and whenever you or your partner desire?