Pesonalized wedding poems website operating under the name Framed Expressions announces its services of providing unique wedding poetry that is tyepset and matted for wedding ceremonies. clients can easily customize poems by choosing an artistic background for the poetic verses and if desired, a mat can be included to add a more ornate appeal. The wedding poems are targeted for the bride and groom, but can be used as home interior gifts for anyone. Visitors to the site can read samples of the types of poems available as well as listen to wedding themed videos making it desireable to return to the site. Clients are not locked into choosing what is featured on the site. They have the option of choosing verses from different poems to further individualize their selection or they can submit their own poems or vows. For most orders, turn around from selection to shipping of the finished product can be within a forty eight hour window. Customer satisfaction efforts include money back guarantee and additional bonuses to enhance the initial selection