PESI HealthCare has a long history in the continuing education seminar business, with roots dating back to 1979. PESI HealthCare educates the nation's professionals in a variety of markets. In 1979, Professional Education Systems started out as a legal publishing company. It quickly evolved into presenting continuing education seminars and conferences in addition to its publishing projects. In 1997, PESI HealthCare was formed as a division dedicated to educating the nation's healthcare professionals.

PESI HealthCare provides programming, publications and products to the HealthCare industry across the country. It's indeed an honor to serve these deserving markets.

The PESI HealthCare name comes from our long-standing roots as a continuing education seminar provider and publisher. The name has represented several different things over the years, but today represents a strong company providing the highest quality continuing education products across this nation.

In 2011, PESI HealthCare became a division of CMI Education Institute, Inc., a non-profit organization. This change to a non-profit entity will allow for sustained and continual growth of the PESI HealthCare brand as we broaden our publishing, multimedia, distance education, live seminar and conference activities