NingBo Maki Packaging Co., Ltd was founded in 2002, is the production of glass bottles, plastic bottles and canned drinks detection machine expert senior business. Our test machine is not in direct contact with the object occurs in the detection, and therefore were seized deterioration phenomenon does not occur in the detection of the way. Detecting the way, if the foreign body is detected will automatically be removed. The use of a more sophisticated and fast image analysis system to detect machines that can replace human to save costs, so many advantages allow customers to save costs and improve production efficiency.

Especially in the beverage industry, the production speed of the production line of 600 or 800 per minute, in this industry, many companies are in the application of foreign testing machine, and now South Korean domestic large enterprises such as Hyosung and Lotte are using our detection machine.

NingBo Maki Packaging Co., Ltd is not filled with the status quo stalled, in order to meet customer needs, we will do everything we can to develop better, more suitable for the customer's products.

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