Many studies have exposed a direct link between commercial breeding of pets and animosity towards animals. Many professional breeders resort to a practice of torturing the animal and even kill animals that are not marketable. To discourage the ill practices related to commercial trading of animals, our mission is to launch an online platform that provides exchange pets for free. It will connect animal lovers who want to give away a pet (or a rescued pet) with people who want to adopt a pet.

All posting on this website will be for adoption of pets without any commercial business. There are thousands of charities and rescue missions who have rescued street dogs/cats and then they find it difficult to find homes for these pets.

While more and more people are buying pets for their home and this is leading to rise in business of commercial breeders and associated increase in animal torture. The WHO (World Health Organization) study suggests that there are over 600 million stray dogs worldwide. Not only it is bad for the street pets but it is also posing a serious health hazard.

For people who want to keep a pet, it would be much better that they adopt a street dog or an abandoned pet rather than buy a pet through a commercial breeder. Also on this website you can arrange for a playdate for your pet, so other people can also enjoy your pet and your pet can make new friends.

Our platform will encourage users to post rescued or homeless street dogs, cats or other domesticable animals. People looking for pet can search for dogs, cats or other pets near their home. The project is called Pet4.Us and it will be made live on website called www.Pet4.Us