PetalMD is Canada’s largest and fastest growing physician-only online community. Founded in 2009, PetalMD now has over 25,000 physician users of its solutions. We offer a complete solution that simplifies physician scheduling at the department, clinic and hospital levels. This includes a secure messaging tool that allows for easy and quick communication that is completely secure. Our mission is to connect healthcare networks and provide physicians with tools that will  increase their productivity and efficiency throughout their scheduling workflow.

Physician scheduling software for medical clinics and hospitals

Save time creating and managing your schedule and collaborate more efficiently with your group.
- Schedule updates in real time to every physician within your group;
- Receive physician non-availabilities in a single place;
- Allow physicians to switch shifts according to your specifications.

Secure messaging application for physicians

Contact any physician directly and securely on any device.
- Share information safely and privately;
- Direct communication between physicians;
- Be part of the largest physician-only contact list