Washing your pet can be a painstaking process with messy results. Problems such as: Chronic back pain, and discomfort; Being bitten or scratched while washing; Concern over pet safety and a contained environment; Bathing during inclement weather; Getting the water & mess all over. PetBath single handedly solves ALL of these problems! The PetBath provides a safe and clean bathing environment for the pet, it is an innovative and one-of-a-kind, yet simple approach to bathing your pets, indoors or outdoors.

PetBath offers a solution to an "age old" problem of how to bathe your pet without the clean up, muss and fuss, the discomfort and back pain and of course the convenience to bathe where you want and when you want, regardless of the weather conditions, where you live or the type of home in which you live.

PetBath is the first ever product introduced to the world, which is a self-contained bathing device for the pet. All but the pet’s head is in the unit that has water jets that apply water/shampoo/conditioner while the owner washes from wide access doors. Close the doors and the pet shakes off the excess water. PetBath allows the owner to wash their pet and not themselves! We will manufacture five sizes and will be Made in the USA.