Pet Dermatology Clinic provides expert skin, ear, and allergy care for the non-human family members. Our services include:
* Careful diagnosis and management of allergic, auto-immune, parasitic, and metabolic skin diseases.
•Skin testing and desensitization therapy as a drug free way to manage itching and infections associated with allergy.
•Removal of small skin tumors without the need for general anesthesia.
•Diagnosis and treatment of hair loss.
•Special diets for diagnosis of food allergy.
•Management of severe and/or chronic external and middle ear infections.
•Otoscopy and myringotomy with middle ear culture and cleaning.

Dr. Melissa Eisenschenk is a board-certified veterinary dermatologist.  She completed her Bachelor of Science with minors in Animal Science and Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin- River Falls and attended veterinary school at the University of Minnesota.  After vet school, she was in private practice for 4 years in Rochester and Minneapolis, and then returned in 2006 to the University of Minnesota for a dermatology residency (3 year program) and Master’s degree. She passed dermatology board exams in 2009.  Dr. Eisenschenk worked out of the Oakdale Animal Emergency and Referral Center as a Veterinary Dermatologist for 3.5 years before starting Pet Dermatology Clinic.

Clients are seen at the clinic in Maple Grove, MN by appointment and once monthly, currently, Dr. Eisenschenk visits Lakeland Animal Hospital in Baxter, MN, Companions Animal Hospital in St. Cloud, MN and Heritage Pet Hospital in Rochester, MN.

Contact info:
Phone: 763-210-1177
Fax: 763-210-6811
Email: info@petdermatologyclinic.com
Web: petdermatologyclinic.com