Pete and Mac’s® was founded to set the bar for companion animal care. Pete & Mac’s® provides the finest, loving care in a safe, secure, clean and fun environment. It is our mission to make your pet at home and provide peace of mind

Since opening our first resort in 1999 local Veterinarians have endorsed and recommended Pete & Mac’s®,  the finest in vacation lodging, daycare, training and  professional grooming for their clients’ cherished dogs and cats

Pete & Mac’s® is an activity resort, not a containment center. It is dedicated to the health and welfare of customers’ beloved family pets offering enrichment, stimulation and socialization.  Our  well rounded menu of quality services  is a key differentiator

Lodging: Pete & Mac’s®  is designed for short and long term lodging stays. The lodging area for dogs is equipped with state-of-the-art sanitation and air-handling systems,  air conditioning, and radiant-heated floors in some climates. There is an eco-friendly automatic flush system that goes into a specially designed drainage system which takes waste directly into the city sewers. The addition of hospital-grade, EPA registered disinfectants and sanitizers and high powered hoses makes cleaning efficient and safe and leaves the resort virtually odor and germ free

Each room is constructed from light-enhancing glass blocks to help avoid injuries associated with chain link fencing and bars. Glass block is not only safer, it helps prevent animals from feeling trapped or abandoned. According to PCSA experts, glass block is cleaner and more sanitary than other material

The ceilings are 16 feet tall. The ventilation system is designed to “turn” the air in the building 4 - 6 times per hour to further reduce odor. As a reference, most office buildings only turn air 4 times/day! The primary objective is to provide a low stress and clean environment for our pets and employees alike

The cat atrium is a self contained room with condos for up to 24 cats. It is equipped with a separate air-handling system, refrigerator, and storage so that special diets and medications are separate from the dog population. Each condo is a “room with a view” through large picture windows where bird feeders are displayed. Every cat receives staff supervised exercise time out in a central area filled with toys, climbing posts, and sunning ledges

Daycare: Daycare provides an alternative to leaving pets unattended. According to the Humane Society, of the dogs given up by their owners, 80% cited “behavioral problems” as the reason. Often the pet has been left alone all day, experiencing fear and anxiety. Some have been prescribed anti-anxiety medications.  Dogs are social animals requiring attention and exercise – exactly what is provided at Pete & Mac’s®. Specially trained staff supervises, interacts and stimulates pets in size appropriate daycare groups in both indoor and outdoor play areas

Fewer than 1% of the dogs who visit are unable to participate in daycare because of behavioral issues. Daycare at Pete & Mac’s® promotes social skills. Pete & Mac's® well trained staff can accommodate all breeds and sizes of dogs, without restriction

Premium artificial turf, designed for the pet industry, is gentle on the pet’s paws, and can easily be kept germ free. Since many dogs have grass sensitivities or adverse reaction to pesticides and fertilizers used on grass, our play surface offers assurance against skin and coat irritations that may result from outdoor play on grass surfaces. Covered play areas are heated, misted and fanned for year-round pet comfort

Training – Pete & Mac’s® national Director of Pet Education evaluates and approves all local Pete and Mac’s® pet trainers. Pete & Mac’s® offers a variety of training programs for lodging guests (Vacation & Education), daycare participants (Play & Learn) , private and group classes. Programs include Canine Good Citizenship Prep, Puppy Classes, Beginner Course, Canine Good Citizen Course, Volunteer Therapy Dogs for schools and assisted living visits and Agility Training in selected locations

Grooming Spaw – Baths are given with the HydroSurge™ low-stress bathing system and specially designed shampoos. This unique water massage and shampoo delivery system provides hands-free bathing. It virtually eliminates scrubbing and thus reduces stress on pet and groomer alike. Drying cages and power dryers contain no heating elements to assure pet safety. In addition, an optional shed reduction treatment virtually eliminates bothersome shedding in the home. Like any spa, Pete &Mac's® offers a full range of amenity services in addition to grooming and shed reduction

Retail Boutique - Pete & Mac's® resorts offer a boutique featuring unique toys designed to enhance playtime, healthful treats including 100% organic dog treats, pet beds and gear

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