When one reviews Pete Hayden’s images and reviews his portfolio, one cannot escape saying “WOW!”  Few photographers have such a wide diversity of photographs done in some of the most remote regions of the earth:  Antarctica, Alaska, Africa, Borneo, Costa Rica, Madagascar.  And reading further, one finds that his work has graced the covers of many well-known publications such as Smithsonian, Time, Ranger Rick, and BBC Magazine.

Photo leader Pete Hayden specializes in small group wildlife photography tours for serious photographers of all skill levels. Whereas a lot of photo leaders will take clients to locations that offer only mediocre photo ops in order to reduce costs, Pete believes in taking clients to only the very best locations for wildlife photography. He also only leads small groups of ten or less, so that he can give each client the attention that they need.

There are many different kinds of photographers that travel with Pete. Some are very beginners, needing a lot of his one-on-one attention. In his small group tours Pete can take plenty of time with them in the field to give them the education they are looking for, whether it be camera technique, Photoshop, or anything else.

Other clients of Pete’s are very advanced photographers that have photographed animals for decades all over the world. These advanced photographers travel with Pete not because they want one-one-one attention, but because they know he will get them into the best shooting situations, at the best locations, at the best times.

Few photographers in the world have such a portfolio or have ventured into so many regions.

Pete spent a few years living and working on his own in the Masai Mara, spending every day from sunrise to sunset photographing enigmatic African plains wildlife. His experiences in the Mara include spending nearly two years with five different cheetah families, four months with a lion pride, three and a half months at a hyena den, and five months at a jackal den. His long hours observing and photographing wildlife have given her immense knowledge in wildlife behavior, which is critical in being a good wildlife photographer.

Since his time in Kenya Pete has spent about nine months a year traveling the world to shoot many in-depth stories for Smithsonian, BBC Wildlife, Ranger Rick and other magazines. Some of his past stories include: brown bears of Alaska, polar bear research in Canada, chimpanzees of Uganda, orangutans of Sumatra, mountain gorillas of Rwanda, wild dogs of Botswana, penguins of Antarctica, and many more.

Pete brings his past experience, knowledge, and incredible stories of adventure to his tours, giving clients an experience in which they are immersed in photography and wildlife. Always working with the best local naturalist guides, his itineraries offer maximum time in the field during the best light.