I'm a journalist of 30 years experience that includes freelance writing and production roles for private clients and at various UK national newspapers – and particularly the Times Educational Supplement, the Independent and the now-defunct Sunday Business. In 2007, I developed and launched a mainstream-style green consumer magazine in the UK, called GreenerLiving, as a means of promoting sustainable consumption. Later, I became managing editor of the international ethical business title, Ethical Performance. However, I felt that the CSR sector has not succeeded in changing corporate priorities anywhere near fast enough, and so I decided to go freelance and develop my own projects. Now poorer but a billion million times happier, I write on political, economic and social issues – mostly seriously, but some satirical. I’m currently writing Psychopath Economics, a book about belief systems, the psychopathic logic of economic power and the rise and fall of societies. In the book, I argue that civilisations rise and fall in a cycle often driven by elites, and that if we are to halt the downward arc of today’s cycle, then ordinary people must challenge the power of the 1% via debt rebellions and by 'democratising' the creation of ideas, particularly concerning intellectual property and branding. This book is my contribution to the grassroots momentum for change that I believe we very badly need.