Peter Clarke is a global consulting facilitator with over 27 years experience in business and economics within the private and public sectors and one of the founders of Ellis Clarke International one of the largest privately held global strategy facilitation firms in the world.

Ellis Clarke has clients or associates from Canada, The United States, Latin America, The European Community, Israel, Serbia, Croatia, Lebanon, Russia, China, Iran and Syria. We will always enthusiastically support you and shall do everything we can to help you achieve your business or personal goals.

Peter Clarke believes integrity in professional and social settings is a key to their success combined with the experience of working with companies ranging in size from start-ups to multi-billion dollar international conglomerates.

Peter, Independent, Strong and Proud is a Vote & Voice for the People of Toronto/Willowdale/North York, not a puppet vote or voice for a political party, strongly believes that Leadership in public service is  to “ENSURE FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY for the COMMUNITY.”

Peter’s Quotes:

“As individuals we must live life as we choose to the fullest and not dream about it or allow others and governments to choose a way of life for us,” Peter Clarke 2011.

“The quest for ideal Individualism shall always defeat any re-introduction of a new political world order for Social Justice under the guise of 21st Century Socialism, Radical Islamic Jihadist Extremist Muslims, Fascism, Nazism, Communism or Dictatorships,” Peter Clarke 2011.  http://thebibleonline.net/

“No one can control the passage of time, however one can control what one does with time as it passes, so in 2011 make every day one to be proud of,” Peter Clarke 2011.

“Money left in the hands of taxpayers is far more productive than putting it in the hands of career politicians, special interest groups or bureaucrats,” Peter Clarke 2011.

“All people are created equal but we still have unequal laws created by unjust people,” Peter Clarke 2010

“Rewarding failures at the cost of success, leads to continued failures at taxpayers’ expense.” Peter Clarke 2010

“All People are created equal and equally imperfect,” Peter CLARKE 2010

“Unlimited power controls the corruption and minds of those who influence it. “ Peter Clarke 2009