Just released!  A hilarious new book by Greg Liberman - available exclusively on iBooks.


Pete Rokakowski is a man in his mid-thirties whose life has not worked out the way he had planned.  Living in New York City as a successful and well paid investment banker, things were great until he made some bad decisions which cost him his job, his savings and his wife.

Facing an expensive divorce settlement, Pete has just returned to his hometown and finds himself spending most of his time with his old high school friends. Old habits die hard, and Pete's lifestyle has quickly reverted back to what it was twenty years earlier, much to the disappointment of his parents who have taken him in.

When he sees an old acquaintance realize some success in the music business as well as with his old flame, Pete decides that he is going to start his own band and become a rock star himself.

Short on talent and common sense, Pete's makeshift band of misfits plows headfirst into the music scene with hilarious results. With only a week to prepare for the big show, can Pete achieve the impossible and redeem himself for a failed career and personal life?

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