Pet HealthDr David Jackson (also known as Dr J and Doc), a lifelong resident of Virginia, obtained his undergraduate degree from Virginia Tech and received his veterinary degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1971.  After graduating, Dr J worked in a small animal practice in Maryland for two years before coming back across the river to Virginia.  He has been practicing in Virginia ever since. 

Since 1980, Dr J has been at the same location in Fairfax, Virginia.  It is a small animal general practice that treats the ordinary and the extraordinary afflictions of dogs and cats.  His clients and patients come not only from Fairfax but many from the entire Mid-Atlantic area and beyond.  Dr J has developed surgical skills and extensive experience due to his long-term special interest in orthopedic and neuro surgery.  The practice also has a significant number of loyal clients with certain dog breeds who visit and enthusiastically refer others to Dr J because of his interest and experience with some rare breeds and their breed specific health concerns.  He has been published in National Breed Club newsletters and quarterly reviews. 

In the past, he has served as the President of the DC Academy of Veterinary Medicine and of the Emergency Veterinary Clinic (now The Hope Center) in Vienna, Virginia.  Dr J has been a member of the American Animal Hospital Association since 1971 and has chaired the Practice Management Committee and Student Education Committee and served on many other AAHA committees.  He is currently serving on the AAHA Advisory Board.  His clinic is a 25 year member of AAHA, also committed to the AAHA high standards of excellence and recertified as such every four years.

During the last four decades, in addition to his thriving small animal practice, Dr J has spent considerable time as a practice consultant for other veterinarians and has been the sole proprietor of Veterinary Management Development (VMD), a veterinary consulting business.  He has lectured extensively throughout the United States and internationally. 

In his limited spare time, Dr J has been active in his church having served as co-chair of both the Fellowship and Building Committees.  He also taught Sunday School for years.  He is on the Cardinal Bank Advisory Committee.  He was a youth soccer coach for 19 years and has been an avid Washington Redskin’s fan since birth!  He has two grown sons, Chris and Michael, a daughter-in-law, Kristin, is the proud grandfather of Brevan and has been happily married to Judy since 1969.

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