What is PetsVoteToo.com?
What if our pets could elect the next President of the United States? How would they choose? Would they think any differently than their masters, and maybe do a better job than we humans have sometimes done in the past?
PetsVoteToo aims to find out in 2016, while seeking to engage, amuse and inform pet owners throughout the country.
Pet owners can register their pets (all kinds of pets!) to “vote” at PetsVoteToo.com. We’ll be campaigning to “pet out the vote” starting February 16, 2015 (Presidents Day).
Registered pets will then be allowed to vote in our “Pet Elections” at both the State primary/caucus levels and in the general Presidential election in 2016. The polls for Pet Elections will open and close before the “real” elections and we’ll cover the Pet Election results in real-time on PetsVoteToo.com, just like the major networks do on election eve!
It will be fascinating to see whether our pets vote their own consciences or whether they are heavily influenced by the political leanings of their masters (wink, wink). In any event, the results are likely to be the largest pre-election opinion poll ever conducted, and just may influence the way we humans vote in 2016.
But there’s more! While waiting for the polls to open, pet owners can keep up with the potential and emerging candidates on our PetsVoteToo Candidates page, track the latest pet and election news on our News page, and join the conversation about pets and politics in our PetsVoteToo Forum.
Along the way, we’ll be blogging about interesting and educational pet and political topics on the PetsVoteToo Blog and tweeting about breaking developments. Pet owners can even shop for political pet tee-shirts, mugs, bumper stickers and other fun paraphernalia in the PetsVoteToo Store.
At PetsVoteToo, our mission is to engage, amuse and inform pet owners. But it goes beyond that. A significant amount of the proceeds from PetsVoteToo.com will be donated to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, so that our pets can have a brighter future.
So let’s “Pet out the Vote” for election 2016! Register your pet(s) at PetsVoteToo.com and join in the fun!